Hi, I’m Jim Sheppard and welcome to Pop Otter. I live in Pittsburgh and I love Movies, TV shows, and Video Games! Each week, I’m watching the latest thing in dorky, geeky pop culture and talking about it. Come hang out while I play some video games. Be sure to subscribe!



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If you would have asked me what my favorite movie was when I was 10 years old, I would have told you Beetlejuice. I’ve grown up (a little bit) since then and I still really love Beetlejuice. But some of my favorite movies are horror movies, so you’ll probably see a lot of those around here but I like such a great mix I can’t limit myself to just one genre or type of movie.

Nintento Switch is perhaps the greatest video game system to have ever been created (besides the N64 of course!) and I will fight anyone who disagrees. KIDDING KIDDING. Let’s hang out and have fun. I primarily play video games on Nintendo Switch or the PC. Sometimes PS4 or Xbox One X. I also have an undying love for Pokemon.

Game of Thrones is the most recent TV show I’ve been engrossed by. I know far too much about it and I’m a Daenerys stan until the end! I won a trivia contest about GoT once!

You might see I have a soft spot for 80’s retro aesthetics here and there and its because I was made in the 80’s!

Some really great people come hang out with me too and you should definitely check them out! Dan is over on Youtube at Mancake and Dietrich is over at her and her mom’s shop selling some kick ass bandanas, JamOnRy!


Why Pop Otter?

Why not! Its kind of catchy, I cover things in pop culture I like, and otters are cute! Pop Otter.

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