I will always be upfront and honest with the community that is growing around Pop Otter, my Youtube channel and its associated social media accounts.

Referral Links:

There are links to other websites on, in the descriptions of my Youtube videos, and in the social media posts I publish on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that are called “Referral Links”. These referral links usually point to the blu-ray of the movie or TV show I’m discussing, products that appear in my videos and posts, or the equipment I use to make my content. If you purchase one of these products from the link I’ve provided, usually on, I receive a very small commission on the sale. In other words, I make money when you buy something I told you about and provided a link to where to buy it.

This is not limited to

Any links I provide to you that go to are also referral links.

Promo Codes:

Any time I give you a promo code (usually “popotter”) for a discount somewhere, I also receive a commission. Currently, that is predominantly with

The exception:, which is run by my dear friend Dietrich. You can use the promo code “popotter” to receive a 10% discount on your order and I DO NOT receive a commission on this sale. Obviously, Dietrich does make money on the sale. But we like to keep her happy!

Ads on YouTube videos:

I currently do NOT have ads on my YouTube videos. The channel is currently (as of 7/27/19) still too small to qualify for monetization. When the channel is large enough, I will be putting ads on my videos. I will not go overboard with ads because I also hate watching ads. I will limit myself to two ads on any given video.

Tracking Pixels:

I use tracking pixels on this website for analytic purposes. Anonymized data is collected that tells me how many people visit this website, how long they spend on different pages, what they click on while they’re here, how long they read a post or watch a video. If you are logged into Facebook or Twitter when you visit this site, basic demographic information is also collected (age, gender identity, region, etc.). This information is completely anonymous meaning I can not determine who is viewing the site. This data is not sold to a third party.